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The Merchant of Venice


There once was a man called Antonio.

Shylock wanted to cut off his toe (nio),

But Portia came dressed

As a judge in his best,

And into jail Shylock was thrown (io).


Portia was in love with Bassanio,

But their relationship did not get far (nio),

'Cause her father gave she

Different caskets, three,

And they both went home by horse and cart (nio)


Antonio was told his boats crashed,

So by Shylock, Antonio was thrashed (almost)

But his boats had arrived

And Antonio thrived;

So the info Antonio got was just trash (ed).


Hidden inside this Shakespeare play

Are messages, too numerous to say.

Messages here, messages there,

Messages everywhere!

But two messages blew me away:


"All that glisters is not gold",

Is a message that we are told.

Something looks very nice,

But inside, cold as ice.

And you will regret it when you are old.


In this paragraph I do suggest,

Not to borrow money from strangers unless (t),

It is necessary to be shareful.

But always be careful,

Otherwise flesh may be cut from your chest.


This play was written by Shakespeare;

It was so sad to read, I shed a tear.

Some parts were delightful,

But some made me spiteful,

And some parts did fill me with fear.


Luke Worth