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Dictionary of Wurrds

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brudl (adj) [neo-lukish]
opposite of pov. heaps good, having a copious amount of worth and usefulness.
eg: Going down Red Hill on my bike was tres brudl.
Note: can also be used in any context where you have nothing better to say.
eg. Used when someone walks into the room
brudlise (v)
pulverise, stuff up, beat the crap out of, do better than.
eg: Quote from zena grey:I went to update my site this morning and found my buletein board had been brudlised.
bulfati 1 (interj) [neo-lukish]
a whole heap of *&%^@%@#$@&.
origin: Durrvid brurrwn.
bulfati 2 (interj, n) [neo-lukish]
In year 10 at tlopia, Sean, Fadi and TMB saw a y7 drawing hanging in their english room. They were inspired by a badly drawn blob-figure that was supposed to be pointing and saying haha but looked more like a hand on the end of a huge chupa chup (because of the position of the limb on the blob figure). When demonstrated to luke during the hols, he decided a good name for it would be Bulfati (which was at the time orphanised). so now the signal is performed with a musical-sounding
alternative name: Haha, after the speech bubble attached to the blob.
choice (adj) [neo-lukish]
hepas good, brudl. Like most wurrds, can be used in almost any situation
origins: invented by the people of the ramp, who were being very stupid one day, finding stupid meanings in fast food names. Someone mentioned the McWrap and it all went from there. Then Anna mentioned an article in Choice magazine to sean, who then started repeating the word.
chupa chup [neo lukish]
go to AMF bowling in woden, look at the ceiling near the cafe and you will see a giant inflatable lollipop. Now what does it remind you of???
dmentd (adj) [prehisturric]
stuffed up, stoopid.
eg: that joke's dmentd!!!!
eeeeeeetuflub (stupid noise)
bulfati sounded backwards, thanks to julzz computer technology.
flugaluft [prehistoric]
predating clan luke. julz created this word when trying to describe something he had never seen before, when he was approximately 6 years old. Having consulted TMB, a self professed linguistics expert, the German meaning of flugaluft was revealed: "fly a air". It was sheer coincidence that both major words had auronautical references. general-purpose filler. can be used negatively, positively or neutrally as verb, adjective, interjection, noun, etc
fruitcake [neo-lukish]
from lukeII. dunno where he got it from, he would just suddenly shout out FRUITCAKE!!! without any warning or impulse. completely random. good for getting attention tho. Only time ever he has said it in response to a stimulus is when julz was eating a fruitcake once and lukeII noticed.
hepas (adv) [neo-lukish]
very, extremely, more than 1 pile of.
eg: queenbean is hepas poor.
nenene (n) [old lukish]
1. gratuitous verbal reference.
2. a pokemon (nidoran)
3. a rock (mineral)
in tlopia, back in the days when luke played trombone and the sheep truly followed, everyone in year 8 (that was us) was learning sex ed (ooooo!). After learning about erm, the name for a particular part of the, er, female, um... area, the names of those erm, areas were being repeated everywhere by everyone. After some expermentation in censorship, sean managed to corrupt and muffle one name until it was incomprehensible. julz improved the word by making each syllable identical ie 'nenene'. Later, they came across the sheep playing pokemon card game (it was 1999, remember) and julz saw one card named 'nidoran', noted its similarity, and called it nenene as well. The third meaning was added later after hearing about geography, hence 'minerals'.
nentunchul (adj) [old lukish]
1. dum, unsatisfactory, of low intelligence
2. generic term for anything you cant find an adjective for
3. (interj) used in conjunction with 'urr' ie "urr the nentunchul!!!"
not used often anymore, usu. just "urrrrrrr" when expressing dissatisfaction or response to lame joke.
Corruption: nenta, bentul, intenchl, intenchnl, nintendo(tm), nentanjo, tenchul, inchunjer, chul
Nuf [old lukish]
A new experience in weightlessness.
origins: luke and julz were bouncing on the trampoline and they found a deflatd soccer ball (later called "the nuf" and invented a game called nuf. you jump with the ball in your hands and let go in mid air and watch the ball float in front of u. named NEW nuf (new experience in weightlessness)
peznt (n) [neo-lukish]
someone who is pov and lacking worth and usefulness. sometimes pov peznt to emphasise poverty.
pov (v) [neo-lukish]
to be poverty stricken, lacking brutality or worth. anything poverty stricken
eg: this website is pov, n'est pas?
poverty, povitty (n)
see 'pov'.
poveryt (n) [neo-lukish]
too pov to be able to type poverty properly on a comupter.
also luke's tag in dixn colij.
sheep (pr. n) [old lukish]
olde name for the Mgoy (Clan Dante, curent name comes from a David word), given after observing their behaviour of following Dante around en masse wherever he went, when they were in the RPG playing phase from year 7 to year 9. this behaviour became less common as they started to find things to do that were actually INTERESTING, other than RPGs and settled down in room 25.
this word is no longer used except in referral to the Mgoy during the 1998-2000 period.
skeltn (n) [prehistourric]
very old trick involving sticking three fingers of each hand behind your cheeks on each side of the mouth and streatching back the lips to reveal your teeth. very strange looking. accompanied by a detatched-sounding "skeletun! skeletun!" actual facial contortion is very old, adapted by luke and named 'skeltn'.
snoog (n) [old lukish]
animal that says urr. looks like a wierd L.
origins: Luke one day decided to draw a sideways view of someone going 'urrrr', greatly emphasising the bulge made when the urrer sticks his tung into his chin (as is supposed to be done).
origin: luke's prefrontal cortex.
urr (interj) [old lukish]
olde term used to express dislike, or in response to stupid comment or joke. still in use today coz nobody's thought of anything better.
Wayne Russel's email address
Wayne Russel is a *&#%$@ so click here to flame him.
webstie [neo-lukish, keyboardism]
deliberately misspelled 'website', a site that is pov, or like a pigstye.
origins: sean accidently mistyped website in an email and, for the site he was reffering to, the typo was quite appropriate.
yokl po
animal that stinks. has enormous head and molecular stick body. lives on planet x with the snoog. the enormous amount of energy created when they pass wind allows them to fly.
origin: luke's prefrontal cortex.

Dictionary of Phrases

ackademeecoolie [neo-lukish]
This was Academically, as pronounced by monsieur isidro, the french proviseur of tLopia. During that period of yr10 sean and julz had taken to replaying english words that had been pronounced through the thick french accent of the proviseur. When reciting one speech he said ackademeecoolie, and it was inaugurated. It is of little purpose, except to provide a nice swab of laughter at anyone with a wierd accent, french or otherwise.
all your base etc
from the AYB web cult.
Consult every search engine for great justice!
Ausgebremst [German]
translation: the last time he hit the brake
Also a completely pointless phrase. thomas was reading a novel in german (he can speak lotsa other languages) and sean asked him what it was and he said it was a novel about F1 racing (he is also a rev head). sean read the title on the front cover and repeated it out loud. real loud. julz had a dictaphone handy so it was recorded and made into a funky song. David B (along with half the skul) heard the word being shouted and repeated it in his own style* when we met him later. Now there are two versions: the shouted out loud style and the david B style
*David B says a lot of things in a wierd singing-style voice. similar to 104.7 commentary 'Maarty and ericaaa'.
Can I Have The Reeds After She's Finished? [neo-lukish]
not allowed to publish the meaning of this phrase on the net or who it is referring to on the grounds that she goes to my college and might bitchslap me. pretty much useless phrase, unless you are a woodwind player (excluding flutes), then it a very amusing phrase.
Dumb stuff is stupid. I like dumb stuff. [old lukish]
In year 8 during a comp graphics lesson, luke and julz were exploring the network, not doing very much. Luke found a folder called 'Dumb Stuff' and retorted: "urr! dumb stuff is stewwwwwwwwwpid..." Julz found this to be a hilarious thing on its own, but decided that he liked the phrase enough to he put it into 'talk it' (voice synthesising program) where the inaugural fly tune 'Dumb stuff is stupid!' came from. 'I like dumb stuff' was also added to the phrase. julz was laughing so hard the first time he made the phrase that he got sent outside of class for 'being too silly'.
good morning! (davidism)
translation: good [insert time of day here]
Used only by david, at any time regardless of wether its morning or not (even at night).
hopoate! [neo-lukish]
variation of 'bulfati'. instead of pointing straight ahead, you point upwards, reffering to John Hopoate the footy playing rectophile.
hello children [neo-lukish]
one of many phrases used to make fun of mr driver, and said in a voice that makes fun of mr drivers voice. why? coz hes a child molesterer. watch out if youre a girl in year 7 or year 8.
(note: there is absolutely no evidence for this. Its just a really long-running joke going around tlopia.)
HIJACK!!! [neo-lukish]
translation: Hi Jack.
As you would expect, this phrase dates from september 2001. Used exclusively by sean to say hi exclusively to jack.
Johnny! (michaelism, picked up by david)
said in a mournful tone, expressing loss.
"we're not allowed into the hall roofspace anymore!"
variation: "this one's for johnny!"
term of avengeance.
May I Borrow A Pen? [neo-lukish]
Origins: Julz liked this girl once (privacy rights prevent her naming) and his first move was to ask her if he could borrow her pen. He told this story to sean a few days after, and sean joked that it could be julzz new pickup line. a whole 'pen code' was later developed out of this, including:
borrow a pencil = to be friends with someone
find a pen = have the hots for someone
inspecting one's pen = checking someone out
writing with his/her pen = heh heh heh...
buying a pen = fyshwick
stealing a pen = queanbeyan*
How's your Pen? = wasuuuuuuuup!!!???**
*especially at the Canberra show in 2000, if you recall those two queanbeyan boys, one chick from Canberra, a tent and a bottle of what we call EL CAPITAIN!
**answer to which is 'groooovin today!'. why? go here.
Note: there r refrences to this in cake's "short skirt/long jacket"
mgoy [neo-lukish]
phrase used to make fun of nerds. Even the nerds use this phrase to make fun of themselves.
eg: I will write a program on c++ mgoy.
mr hall is poverty stricken and comes from afroganistan [neo-lukish]
dixn colij culture. mr hall is lukes IT teacher and the phrase is often spoken in a round (group of people in a circle and each person says 1 sylable), usually whenever a sound comes from mr hall's mouth(y mouthy mouth mouth).
oppkaboo [neo-lukish]
on the tlopia skul computer system, there once was an empty folder called 'oppkaboo'. Jack found it but nobody has ever been able to find out what it means. No known use for the phrase either.
Whatever rolls your sausage [neo-lukish]
translation: if that makes you happy.
also invented in AMF woden, the clan was still laughing over the chupa chup looming over thier heads that anything of similar shape was funny. including susage rolls. Including the word, 'sausage rolls'.
variation: what rolls your sausage?
WHAT on UUURRRTH?! [old lukish]
translation: I do not understand.
expressing confusion. emphasis on 1st and 3rd words in phrase.

Dictionary of Stupid Poetry


Dictionary of Smileys

bin laden
homer simpson
pretzl president
the finger
the bomb
yokl po
see ,?
when someone eats a lemon

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