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Hello, welcome to the Guestbook brudlizing project homepage.
I am assuming you want to either take part in the brudlization or look at our work.
To participate, you must first find a suitable guestbook with html enabled. The very first thing you do after this is to copy and paste the following text into the guestbook's signing input box:

<body background="">
<EMBED SRC="" PLUGINSPAGE="" HEIGHT="400" WIDTH="550" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="best"></EMBED>

After you have submitted this under a name/email address of your choice (not necessarily real), you can post whatever obscene messages you wish. Have fun!
Here is a list of pages already brudlized (in order).
  1. Zena Grey
  2. The Alien Looney
  3. Bill Wood(current)